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Homeoprophylaxis-- also called Homeopathic Prophylaxis or "HP"-- is a non-toxic and proven method of protection from infectious disease that has been in use for more than 200 years.  Thanks to the tireless work of certain homeopaths, including Dr. Isaac Golden, in Australia, and Ravi Roy and Carola Lage-Roy, in Germany, more and more people are again learning about it.

Dr. Golden developed a program in Australia for homeoprophylaxis which has been subjected to a 15 year clinical study and ongoing trials. The results of this study, including conclusive documentation of the safety and efficacy of HP, are published in his recent publication, Homeoprophylaxis - A Fifteen Year Clinical Study.  This program has been adapted to reflect the needs of families internationally.

Ravi Roy and Carola Lage-Roy have been using homeopathic prophylaxis in their practise for more than thirty years, and have also been studying, documenting, teaching, and publishing about it to the great benefit of those in German-speaking nations.  In addition, they have traveled to many countries to teach and work regarding HP.

The goal of HP is to introduce into the system non-toxic versions of particular diseases to naturally stimulate, or "educate" the immune system.  As a result, susceptibility to targeted diseases has been documented to be reduced by, on average, 90%.  No method of disease prevention will ever offer 100% effectiveness.  But because HP has a more than 200-year record behind it-- and it is completely non-toxic-- the knowledge and use of HP should be encouraged.

With this conference, we are working towards establishing HP internationally as a known, accepted, and viable option for disease prevention.  In addition to protecting children and adults from infectious contagious disease, increased participation and use of HP will help build the momentum of moving this forward.




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